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In the Soldierbiz community you are able to communicate with other Conservatives via blog, email, or on the social platform with friends or common groups. You can search your state or you can speak with members across the country. 

Social network platform is free. If you wish to have your business posted please fill out the form on the left hand side of your home page and we will send you an invoice. The Price for advertisement on this website for your business is 25.00 per year. That is just over 2 dollars a month. 

Your business will also be placed in the searchable businesses portion by zip code. 


Let everyone know you stand for principles and together we can consolidate and stretch out to take back our country and Restore the Republic!!!


When you become a member you join us who are out and trying to make the world a better place. We bring our knowledge and experiences with us. You can TOO!


Membership is 25 dollars a year and Soldierbiz will work extremely hard to earn that money. Our goal is to get conservatives and conservative owned businesses on the minds of all consumers and we would like to have us all supporting our principles by consuming our products which stand for something. 

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