Books by Rosanne Croft

Name/Business: Author: A Gentile in Deseret and A Saint in the Eternal City- Rosanne Croft
Phone: 541-516-8954
Address: 2206 N. Main St. Suite 343 Wheaton IL 60187
About: "Like two moths drawn to a flame, Alex and Jenalee are drawn toward each other. But will one, or the other, get burned? 
Update: The Sequel is out and can be found on Amazon!!!

Books by Thomas E Tidwell

Name/Business: Poems from my Mother and Poems from a Coal Miners Daughter -Minnie J Zerby
About: Thomas E Tidwell is a Veteran and an Author This is the first published book which is a compilation of great Poems written by his Mother. 
"Minnie grew up in the depression years in Alabama. She road a school bus to and from school, helped with farming, and spent time with her sisters and brothers fishing and hunting. It was the main source of food as well as the crops they grew. She was a good mother who love her sons and will always be remembered." These are her words
Website: currently out of circulation but more books to come!