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Posted by Nathaniel Vigil on Aug 22, 2014

Wow! thank you for your service and Go with God

I just wanted to say any chance any of us get to talk with these men from WWII it is worth the talk. Ask them about themselves. Ask them where they were and be courteous, be understanding and show respect. these men and women are leaving their Mortal coil and one day there will be none. left. 

Last year i had the pleasure of speaking with a 91 year old man part of the PT boats in WWII. I saw his hat and jacket and it had a bee on it. I had no idea what that stood for but i knew this happy gentlemen had a story. I got up from my security desk and approached him. I shook his hand and thanked him for his service. I had to ask him what is that bee on your jacket? The smile on his face grew wide like he was a young man again. In fact he looked at that moment no older than 20. He told me about his PT Boat in the Philippines during WWII. I wish I had hours to talk to him about it but eventually we were holding up the line. 

I saw him several times again after that and i would always stand up from the security desk and salute and he would salute right back. 

If you are bored one day do some research, find your local WWII vets and make a day of it. I know many of them would love to chat with us young bucks and I guarantee you will learn something you never knew.

God Bless You Sgt. Major