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Put the little one down for a nap. right now it is just quiet time cause she is still refusing to sleep.

Went out side for a smoke, saw that my neighbor had put his house up for sale.

I always waved at him. In fact i called the fire dept once because his fire alarm was going on and on for a couple days. :Funny Story: Anyway I noticed he placed his nice house up. I fired up my reflection and saw him standing outside. 
I waved and again noticed his hat. I am not wearing my glasses to pin point it by Service or Unit but have always known and recognized the Vet for a while (well since i moved in).

I yell across the street "so you put your house up eh?" He said "sure did, we are getting ready to move back near family" With minding this man i know he is an old Vet. I realize I have yet to hear his story; I answered" Oh? Well congratulations for squeezing the trigger! Where is family?" He proceeds to yell across the street; where he is going according to family and why he is not going to this other place. LOL
The places: good ole Texas near Houston and not in Jacksonville but had thought about it. I learned right away his children are near Jacksonville and Houston. Since we are yelling across the street I decide to slowly hear the story (I can walk and smile at the same time). I walk across my lawn and street to get a better ear and sight. When i get within 15 ft. (3 mtrs) I stop and we start chatting. He served on the U.S.S Midway, Vietnam, Stationed in Japan at "some place i cannot remember" and "all over the place."

Naturally i assumed he meant earth's waters 

He told me quick accounts of Naval Life and i was sincerely smiling at this point

We talked a bit more and I told him who I was. I told him "congrats on the decision" and I "believe he is doing the right thing." They both smiled. I shook his hand again and nodded to his wife. Gave them a smile and a wink and said "i hope we can talk more before you move." He smiled and said "it will be a while before we head out" 
I smiled back.

I turned and started back home.

Since this afternoon I have started to learn everything about the USS Midway. I am honored to have spoke with him and it made me think.
How much History surrounds us? What lessons? What stories?
Just ask!

There are no dumb questions. there are however, dumb answers. Just an FYI

My neighbor did not qualify for the later