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In the Soldierbiz community you are able to communicate with other veterans via blog, email, or phone. You can search your state or you can speak with members across the country. You can pick our brains and see how we were able to start a business. You will be able to subscribe and create a personal page just for your idea whether it is a hobby or you are serious about expanding your ideas across the country.

(When signing up you will not have to worry about a member stealing your idea) you must fill out the form and agree that no member will ever attempt another’s hobby as a business. You will see that many businesses are the same as yours. Competition is what this country is all about. We are here to provide every one of Us another venue to get our voices out. We wish to help all of us expand.

Civilians may use our sight and see who in their state has a Veteran owned business. Research has shown that in most cases all consumers would rather go to a Veteran owned business rather than one that is not.

When you become a member you join us who are out and trying to make the world a better place. We bring our knowledge and experiences with us. You can TOO!


Membership is 25 dollars a year and Soldierbiz will work extremely hard to earn that money. Our goal is to get Veteran owned businesses on the minds of all consumers and we would like to have them thinking of buying from a Veteran when they go shopping. Thank You All for your Service

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